About us

Roongta Cinema is a one of its kind boutique cinema that gives you a movie-watching experience like never before! We present to you four ultra-luxurious screens, recliners, loungers,couples sofas you name it, we got it! It all started with the ambition to make a premium movie-watching experience accessible to the public, we launched our first theatre in 2023 with the aim of scaling to a much larger enterprise!

With an exclusive food and beverage menu and seats that make you feel like you’re sitting in clouds, we assure you that there will never be a better way to enjoy your favourite movies! We are bringing about a revolution in the industry with gourmet food being cooked and served by a professional chef, right at your seat! Sit back and enjoy the movie with your loved ones because once you choose us, you’re choosing one of the best cinema in Surat!

Our Strengths

  • Gourmet food freshly prepared by a professional chef.
  • The first boutique movie theater in Surat with couples loungers and luxurious seating!
  • Ideally located for everyone's convenience.
  • Extremely well-maintained hygiene standards


Anil Roongta


Ankit Roongta


Ankur Roongta